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Wild Lucky Clover by Fazi Interactive is a captivating slot game that beckons players into a world of luck and prosperity. As the reels spin, players will encounter a delightful array of symbols representing classic fruits and lucky charms. The game’s left-to-right payline system adds a touch of familiarity, while its special features and bonus rounds promise exciting surprises at every turn. With the chance to trigger Free Games, Extra Special Wild Symbols, and even a Mystery Jackpot, Wild Lucky Clover promises an engaging and potentially rewarding gaming experience for both newcomers and seasoned players alike.

Wild Lucky Clover

Graphics and Audio

The visual design of Wild Lucky Clover is nothing short of enchanting. The game boasts high-quality graphics with vibrant colors that bring the symbols to life. The backdrop showcases a charming meadow adorned with clovers, setting the tone for an immersive gaming adventure. The attention to detail in the symbols, animations, and user interface adds to the overall polished look of the game. Complementing the visuals is a captivating audio soundtrack, with cheerful tunes that match the game’s theme perfectly. The sound effects enhance the excitement, especially during wins and bonus features, making the gameplay all the more enjoyable.

Wild Lucky Clover Symbols

Wild Lucky Clover is a classic-style slot game developed by Fazi. It features a 5×3 reel layout and 10 pay lines, making it a standard slot game. The betting range is flexible, starting from $0.2 and going up to $500.

The highest paying symbol in Wild Lucky Clover is the red seven. Other symbols include the Bell, BAR, apple, lemon, and cherry, all of which offer lower payouts. To secure a win, you must land 3 or more matching symbols on a single pay line.

Wild Lucky Clover boasts several exciting features, including Free Spins, Gamble, Mystery Jackpot, and Wild symbols. The Wild symbols not only offer substantial payouts but also act as substitutes for all symbols, except the bonus symbol.

Wild Lucky Clover Bonus Features

Free Spins Bonus Feature

When you land 3 or more Bonus symbols, the exciting FREE GAMES feature gets triggered, and an EXTRA SPECIAL WILD SYMBOL comes into play. Before the Free Spins begin, a unique wild symbol is randomly selected.

Gamble Feature

To heighten the excitement and take a chance on your winnings, Wild Lucky Clover offers a thrilling gamble feature. After securing a win, players can press the enticing “GAMBLE” button, which presents them with the option to select either a red or black card. If their intuition proves correct and the chosen card’s color matches the outcome, their winnings are instantly doubled, adding a significant boost to their balance. However, if the guess is amiss, the gambling amount is forfeited, and the game gracefully concludes. The gamble feature provides an exhilarating opportunity for risk-takers to amplify their rewards, while also serving as a moment of suspense for players seeking a thrilling twist to their gaming journey.

Mystery Jackpot

Wild Lucky Clover comes with an intriguing Mystery Jackpot characteristic that adds excitement for players who crave the opportunity to win big. The jackpot’s funding stems from a portion of every player’s bet in the base game, gradually increasing over time. The fortunate player who reaches the randomly determined jackpot payout amount becomes the mystery jackpot’s lucky winner. As the bet amount rises, so do the chances of winning the progressive jackpot, motivating players to increase their wagers for a chance at the grand prize.


In conclusion, Wild Lucky Clover is an engaging classic-style slot machine by Fazi. With its 5×3 reel layout and 10 pay lines, it offers a standard slot experience with bets ranging from $0.2 to $500. The game features a Free Spins Bonus with an EXTRA SPECIAL WILD SYMBOL, adding excitement to the gameplay. The slot’s traditional design, autoplay mode, and gamble feature make it a delightful choice for both new and experienced players seeking rewarding slot entertainment.

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