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Experience the captivating world of Koi Princess, an enchanting creation by NetEnt that beautifully merges an oriental theme with an unmissable anime vibe. Embark on a thrilling adventure as you enter the realm of this video slot, where a graceful princess stands elegantly beside the reels, and an ornate temple backdrop transports you to a mesmerizing oriental setting. Immerse yourself in this mesmerizing world of gaming that transcends all devices, making it accessible and enjoyable wherever you may be.

Koi Princess presents a layout of 5 reels adorned with 20 paylines, offering you numerous opportunities to discover fantastic rewards and immerse yourself in its rich gameplay. The highlight of this enthralling experience is the non-progressive jackpot, which boasts an impressive sum of 250,000, awarded in the currency you choose to play in. Unleash the power of luck and skill as you spin the reels in search of this grand prize.

Prepare to be captivated by the fusion of elegance and excitement that awaits you in Koi Princess. With its oriental allure and anime charm, this game promises an unforgettable gaming journey filled with generous rewards and an enchanting atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more. So, step into this mystical world and let the adventure unfold!

Koi Princess

Koi Princess Symbols

Symbols in the Koi Princess slot game:

Playing Card Symbols (Pay out at a variable rate on an ascending scale):

  • Ten: 5 coins for three, 20 coins for four, 100 coins for five.
  • Jack: 5 coins for three on adjacent reels, 25 coins for four, 110 coins for five.
  • Queen: 5 coins for three, 30 coins for four, 120 coins for five.
  • King: 10 coins for three, 40 coins for four, 140 coins for five.
  • Ace: 10 coins for three, 50 coins for four, 160 coins for five.

Japanese Artifacts:

  • Gold Coins: 20 coins for three, 75 coins for four, 200 coins for five.
  • Green Idol: 20 coins for three, 100 coins for four, 250 coins for five.
  • Orange Idol: 30 coins for three, 150 coins for four, 300 coins for five.

Special Symbols:

  • Scatter Symbol (Koi Princess): Up to 400 coins for five, smaller prizes for matching two, three, or four.
  • Wild Symbol: 500 coins for five, 4 coins for two, 100 coins for three, 300 coins for four.

Koi Princess Bonus Features

Bonus Bucketload

Players have access to the Bonus Bet function in the Koi Princess slot machine. Activating this will double the cost of each spin, but you will increase your chances of being awarded a Random Feature and/or a Bonus Feature. The Bonus Bet will also enhance the values on the Bonus Wheel and increase prizes in the Sure Win Free Spins round. I am not sure how this affects the RTP percentage, but generally speaking, it makes the odds slightly better for the player.

Random Features

In addition to the Bonus Bucketload, there are four Random Features that appear in the Koi Princess slot game, and each possesses its own superpower:

The 5-Hit Symbol

Awards players with one free spin that includes a guaranteed five symbol win with a random symbol and bet line.

Random Wild

Plays out a free spin with 4-9 overlay wilds placed randomly on your reels.

Wild Reels Feature

Ensures that any number from two to five of your reels is covered with overlaying wilds.

Bonus Activation Feature

Awards one free spin and offers three bonus symbols with one bonus randomly awarded.

Random Rewards

If you spin three bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, then you will be rewarded with a random bonus feature. There are four of these too, namely:

Sure Win Free Spins

Players are awarded ten free spins during which the win for each spin will be at least the same as the Sure Win session, apart from the first spin where the amount is that wagered by the player (20 coins multiplied by your bet level).

Wild Reels Free Spins

You will be awarded with 10 Wild Reels Free Spins should you trigger this feature, and here 1-5 of your reels will be randomly covered with overlay wilds. Their amount and position change for each spin to maximize your winning potential!

Bonus Wheel

Via the Bonus Wheel, players can win coins and activate the other two bonus features (Sure Win and Wild Reels). The wheel contains a number of prizes that you must navigate to, and if you are lucky, you will pick up a fantastic payout or bonus.

Coin Win

Lastly, the Coin Win is quite simply that: an instant coin win of a random amount.


In conclusion, Koi Princess is a visually captivating slot game with an oriental theme and anime-inspired elements. Its array of features, including the Bonus Bet, Random Features, and Bonus Wheel, offers exciting gameplay and potential rewards. With a non-progressive jackpot of 250,000 coins and various symbols to explore, players are sure to enjoy an enchanting and rewarding gaming experience on any device. Embrace the journey with the Koi Princess and discover the magic that awaits!

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