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Introducing Crystal Hot 80 – an enthralling slot game brought to you by Fazi Interactive, boasting a delightfully retro design and a straightforward gameplay structure. With five columns and four rows, this game sets the stage with an astounding 80 paylines. Drawing inspiration from classic slot machines, it embraces the ever-popular fruit theme, which, although common, proves to be a captivating choice, especially in the case of Crystal Hot 80.

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Crystal Hot 40, this video slot takes things up a notch by introducing an additional 40 paylines, offering players even greater opportunities to secure substantial winnings. It’s a gaming experience tailored for seasoned players who are eager to embrace higher risks for higher rewards.

Within the reels of Crystal Hot 80, players encounter six basic symbols depicting watermelon, cherry, plum, orange, lemon, and grapes. However, the real excitement stems from the appearance of the Wild symbol – a striking red seven. This Wild has the power to replace any of the basic symbols, crafting winning combinations and bestowing generous payouts to lucky players.

The Scatter symbol takes the form of a mesmerizing crystal star. Landing five of these dazzling stars anywhere on the reels grants players the ultimate prize – the highest payout possible.

For the ultimate convenience and uninterrupted gameplay, Crystal Hot 80 offers an autoplay feature. This enables players to set the reels to spin automatically, sparing them from the need to manually initiate each spin. With the autonomy to choose the number of spins, ranging from five to an impressive 1,000, players can tailor the experience to suit their preferences.

Crystal Hot 80

Graphics & Audio

Fazi Interactive has once again proven their prowess in the realm of graphics and audio with Crystal Hot 80, building upon the success of Crystal Hot 40. The visuals in this video slot are a sight to behold, showcasing a crystalline elegance that captivates players from the start. The symbols are beautifully rendered, featuring a mesmerizing 3D-like effect that adds depth and allure to the gameplay. The golden backdrop complements the fruit symbols’ vibrant colors, culminating in a visually delightful experience that appeals to the senses.

A notable highlight is the dynamic animation that accompanies each win. As players achieve winning combinations, animated flames dance across the screen, while the triumphant symbols illuminate, celebrating their success in style. Such attention to detail highlights Fazi’s dedication to creating a truly immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Embracing its retro theme, Crystal Hot 80’s audio design perfectly complements the visuals. The gameplay is accompanied by a simple yet engaging soundtrack that enhances players’ immersion without being overpowering. However, when winning combinations arise, a distinct melody tailored to the specific symbols involved adds an extra layer of excitement to the moment of triumph.

Even the cash-out process has been thoughtfully considered, as a satisfying sound of counting accompanies the transaction, leaving players with a sense of satisfaction as their winnings are tallied. And for those willing to take a risk with the gamble feature, the inclusion of a unique sound paired with the shuffling of cards heightens anticipation as players make their daring color predictions.

While the audio segment may not introduce groundbreaking innovations, Fazi’s execution is praiseworthy. The cohesive blend of graphics and audio in Crystal Hot 80 elevates the gameplay to new heights, enveloping players in a world of captivating visuals and engaging sounds that leave a lasting impression.

Crystal Hot 80 Symbols

Within Crystal Hot 80, an array of symbols awaits, each carrying its own value and significance. Here’s a breakdown of the symbols and their respective payouts:

Cherries, oranges, lemons: 5.00, 10.00, 50.00

Watermelons, plums: 10.00, 20.00, 100.00

Grapes: 10.00, 40.00, 200.00

Red 7 Wilds: 20.00, 200.00, 500.00

Gold star Scatter: 200.00, 800.00, 20,000.00

As you immerse yourself in the gameplay, be aware that the cash awards are influenced by the size of your wager. The higher your stake, the greater the potential for significant wins. Aligning three or more matching symbols across the 80 fixed paylines is the key to landing those rewarding combinations. So, relish the thrill, explore the features, and remember to enjoy the experience, regardless of the outcomes not involving real money rewards. Crystal Hot 80 beckons you to embark on an exciting journey where big risks may lead to big adventures!

Crystal Hot 80 Bonus Features

Wild Symbol

Crystal Hot 80 features a captivating Wild symbol represented by the lucky red 7 icon. Not only does this symbol bring its own cash payouts, but it also serves as a versatile substitution symbol. When there’s a gap in a potential winning combination, the Wild steps in to complete the missing link, leading to a rewarding cash payout.

Scatter Symbol

Among the symbols gracing the reels is the Scatter symbol, portrayed as a dazzling gold and diamond star. Landing three Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, regardless of their positions, triggers an instant and substantial cash reward. While the Scatter symbols don’t activate any bonus games, players can still partake in the gamble feature, which becomes available after any successful win.

Gamble Feature

For those seeking an extra dose of excitement, the Fazi Interactive Gamble feature awaits following a win. Players have the option to take a chance with this feature, but they should be prepared for the mesmerizing lights that accompany it. In the gamble game, players are presented with a playing card that rapidly flips between red and black. They must make a guess regarding the correct color, with a 50/50 chance of doubling their win. However, an incorrect guess will result in the entire win being forfeited and not added to the player’s balance. It’s a daring choice that adds a thrilling element of risk to the gameplay, appealing to those who are feeling particularly adventurous.


In conclusion, Crystal Hot 80 is a high-stakes slot game designed for serious players seeking rewarding gameplay. With its Wild symbol as a substitution and instant cash rewards from the Scatter, it offers ample winning opportunities. The gamble feature adds excitement for those daring to double their wins. While it lacks extensive bonus features, the game provides engaging gameplay and lucrative prospects for players aiming to maximize their winnings.

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