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Starburst, a renowned online slot game crafted by the leading iGaming software provider, NetEnt, has captured the hearts of players with its captivating arcade-style theme, resplendent colors, and a celestial setting adorned with dazzling jewels.

This engaging game boasts 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines, offering a favorable RTP (Return to Player) rate of 96.09%, making it stand out among other online slots. Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller, Starburst caters to all, allowing bets as low as $0.10 and reaching up to $100 per spin.

A stellar feature of Starburst is the mesmerizing Expanding Starburst Wilds, which emerge on reels 2, 3, and 4, serving as substitutes for all other symbols. The appearance of a Starburst Wild leads to an incredible spectacle, as it expands to cover the entire reel and activates a free respin, significantly enhancing the possibility of achieving a winning combination.

Embracing modernity, Starburst is accessible across various platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices running on iOS and Android. With its wide availability at online casinos featuring NetEnt’s impressive portfolio of games, it has gained immense popularity and captivated players from all corners of the globe.

Starburst Slot

Graphics & Audio

The visuals and audio in Starburst slot contribute significantly to its allure, setting it apart as a remarkable gaming experience. With a vibrant and lively space-themed design, adorned with glistening jewels as symbols, the game creates an immersive atmosphere.

The graphics are of high quality, showcasing clear and vivid symbols that seem to radiate and captivate on the screen. The backdrop features a cosmic wonderland, where stars twinkle, and a distant nebula adds to the celestial charm. Upon securing a win, the symbols come to life, illuminating with a sparkling animation, intensifying the thrill of the gameplay.

Complementing the visuals, the audio elements in Starburst elevate the overall enjoyment. A soothing background music track accompanies players throughout their journey, creating a sense of relaxation and immersion. The sound effects, such as delightful twinkling chimes and electronic tones, accompany every reel spin and winning combination, enhancing the excitement without overwhelming the players.

Together, the graphics and audio in Starburst harmoniously intertwine to provide a delightful and engaging gaming experience that keeps players enchanted and entertained.

Starburst Symbols

The Starburst slot game features an enticing array of symbols, all encompassing the cosmic and jewel theme that defines its charm. A total of 8 symbols grace the reels, each with its own allure, including 5 resplendent jewels in different colors (purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange), a classic BAR symbol, a fortunate seven symbol, and the coveted Starburst Wild symbol.

These symbols are grouped into three categories based on their payouts: high-paying, medium-paying, and low-paying symbols.

Among the high-paying symbols are the BAR symbol, the lucky seven symbol, and the mesmerizing yellow jewel. Securing 5 BAR symbols or 5 lucky seven symbols on a payline brings a rewarding payout of 250 coins, while landing 5 yellow jewels on a payline grants a satisfying 120 coins.

The medium-paying symbols comprise the captivating green jewel and the alluring orange jewel. Matching 5 green jewels or 5 orange jewels on a payline bestows a delightful payout of 50 coins.

Lastly, the low-paying symbols include the enchanting purple jewel and the radiant blue jewel. Achieving 5 purple jewels or 5 blue jewels on a payline brings forth a charming payout of 25 coins.

However, the most valuable symbol in the entire game is the illustrious Starburst Wild symbol. Its power lies in its ability to substitute for any other symbol and trigger free respins, enhancing the excitement of the gameplay. The ultimate prize awaits those fortunate enough to land 5 Starburst Wild symbols on a payline, awarding an impressive payout of 500 coins.

Starburst Bonus Features

Innovatively departing from the conventional free spins feature, the Starburst slot game boasts its distinctive bonus mechanics centered around expanding wilds and respins.

When the revered Starburst wild symbol graces the reels, it unfolds its enchanting power by expanding to encompass the entire reel, simultaneously setting in motion a thrilling free respin. During this captivating respin, the wild reel stands its ground, amplifying the likelihood of achieving a rewarding winning combination. The excitement escalates when another wild symbol emerges during the respin, perpetuating the cycle as it, too, expands and initiates another respin. This cascading effect can potentially lead to a sequence of up to three consecutive respins, ushering in the promise of substantial victories.

Although Starburst lacks the typical free spins feature, the dynamic respins fueled by the expanding wilds offer a comparable and equally exhilarating experience. Players can enjoy the prospect of frequent respins, each with the potential to deliver significant payouts, making this unique bonus feature a well-loved and sought-after aspect of the game.


In conclusion, the Starburst slot game has solidified its reputation as a beloved and renowned online slot since its introduction in 2012. The game’s captivating space theme, adorned with radiant jewels, creates a visually stunning experience, with the symbols shimmering with vibrant allure on the screen.

The game’s standout bonus features are the expanding wilds and respins, holding the potential to deliver substantial wins. Additionally, the innovative “win both ways” feature further enhances the opportunities for landing rewarding combinations. While it diverges from the traditional free spins feature, the dynamic respins triggered by the expanding wilds offer an equally enthralling and rewarding gameplay experience. As a result, Starburst continues to be a favored choice among players seeking thrilling and engaging online slot entertainment.

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