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Sweet Bonanza slot game review is a 6-reel and 5 rows slot game with a wild symbol and a maximum payout of x21,175 times. The game is based on the classic fruit machines of old, with cherries, plums, lemons, and oranges making up the symbols on the reels.

The gameplay is straightforward. Just choose your coin size and bet amount, then hit the spin button to see if you can line up three matching symbols.

If you’re looking for a classic slot game that’s easy to play and offers a potentially decent payout, Sweet Bonanza slot game review is a good option. Just be sure to set your bet amount low enough that you’re comfortable losing it all without too much pain.

Design and Audio

The Sweet Bonanza slot is situated in enchanted sugar land with a clear sky and some serene clouds drifting by. The predominant colours of the environment are purple and orange, giving it a candy-like appearance. Cute music that sounds like it belongs in a kids’ TV show or video game is playing in the background as you take in the sights. The red and white candy cane frames the reels, which are off-centre and somewhat to the right of the centre of the screen. The spin button and all other information are located below the reels, and the free spins button and the buttons for increasing the bet with the Bet Multiplier function are located to the left of the reels.


Playing Sweet Bonanza gives players the chance to win a sizable sum of money. In fact, Pragmatic Play claims that individuals could perhaps gain almost 21,175 times their initial wager! Certain symbols provide larger payouts, while other symbols’ payout is not as large. The following are the payouts:

  • Red Heart: Your wager is multiplied by x50 for 12+ symbols; x25 for 10 or 11 symbols; and x10 for 8 or 9 symbols.
  • Purple Candy Square: For 12+ symbols you get x25 the stake; x10 the stake for 10 or 11 symbols; and x2.5 the stake for 8 or 9 symbols.
  • Green Candy Pentagon: You get x15 your bet for 12+ symbols; x5 for 10 or 11 symbols; and x2 for 8 or 9 symbols.
    Blue Candy Rectangle: x12 for 12+ symbols; x2 for 10 or 11 symbols; and x1.5 your bet for 8 or 9 symbols.
  • Apple: x10 your bet for 12+ symbols, x1.5 for 10 or 11 symbols, and x1 for 8 or 9 symbols.
  • Plum: x8 your bet for 12+ symbols; x1.2 your bet for 10 or 11 symbols; and 0.8x for 8 or 9 symbols
  • Watermelon: x5 your bet for 12+ symbols, x1 for 10 or 11 symbols, and x0.5 for 8 or 9 symbols.
  • Grapes: For 12+ symbols, 4x your stake, x0.9 for 10 or 11 symbols, and x0.4 for 8 or 9 symbols.
  • Banana: x2 the bet for 12+ symbols, x0.75 for 10 or 11 symbols, and x0.25 for 8 or 9 symbols.
  • The lollipop scatters: You will receive x3 of your wager if you get 4 lollipops; for 5 scatters you get x5; 6 scatters will return x100 your wager.
Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza Bonus Features

The Sweet Bonanza slot game is one that is filled with exciting bonus features and plenty of opportunities to win big. There are a number of different bonus features that you can activate when playing this slot game, and each one offers the chance to win big.

You can activate the Tumble feature when you land on a winning combination. The Tumble feature, on which the game’s basic gameplay is based, causes winning combos to start a chain reaction in which winning symbols are taken out and replaced with new ones, allowing you to win repeatedly. The tumbles continue until there are no more new winning combinations.

One of the most exciting features of Sweet Bonanza is the free spins bonus. This Sweet Bonanza free spins can be activated by landing four or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. When the bonus is active, players will get 10 free spins. During the free spins, a multiplier symbol can show up on the reels and remain there until the end of the tumbling sequence. This multiplier symbol will always have a random value between 2 and 100. When the sequence comes to an end, the total win is multiplied by the sum of the values of all the multiplier symbols. This means that players can win a lot of money with just a few spins.

Sweet Bonanza on Mobile

Just like the majority of modern online slots, you can play Sweet Bonanza on your preferred mobile device. You can play Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play on any device, be it an iPad, an iPhone, or an Android. The fact that this slot’s graphics and animations look exactly the same on mobile devices as they do on desktops is one of its appealing features.

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